Lunazoa – Student Project


Lunazoa is a 2.5D action adventure puzzle game from DigiPen students where you play as a octopuss-like creature in a diving bell, with physics based tentacles, making your way beautiful but decidedly perilous waters.

In the game you have to grab objects with your tentacles and use them to progress throught he game, such as collecting orbs of light, grabbing pearls and taking them back to the clam or using mines to clear a path.  All the while you hae to avoid the many dangers present in the hostile waters – from steam vents to huge freaky eyeballs.  It’s a very pretty underwater adventure, that rewards experimentation.

You’ll have a whale of a time on this deep sea adventure, it’s dolphinitely worth checking out – we’re not squidding (If you can come up with worse fish punnery than that, let minnow).

Watch a gameplay video HERE

Download the Lunazoa HERE