Lurking – Student Project


Lurking is a freaky survival horror where sound is the only way you see and enemies can hear your fear.

A little like our previously featured game – Devils Tuning Fork – the whole game is played in darkness, with your surroundings being depicted through echolocation as you create sound waves that roll over the play area.  This makes for a pretty intense experience, especially when the creepy enemies come into play –  they hunt by sound so you’ll have to keep quiet and use distractions to evade them.

Lurking is pretty terrifying when played without a microphone, but to up the levels of danger it’s recommended plugging one in.  The microphone detects the sounds you make and converts them into gameplay visuals in the form of pulses, creating a secondary level of immersion.  It really ups the tension as your enemies can actually hear YOU – try not to scream, try not to cough and try not to breath or they WILL get you!

Download Lurking HERE