Lust From Beyond – Alpha Demo

Lust From Beyond is an otherworldy erotic Sci-Fi horror game that draws inspiration from the works of Giger, Lovecraft and Beksiński as you join a cult and attempt to enter Lusst’ghaa, a land of ecstacy that exists beyond the borders of our reality.

Combining dark psychological horror with the occult, eroticism and Giger-esque artwork, Lust From Beyond is a game that shocks in more ways than one. It’s an interesting mix, which works incredibly well, blending darkness with desires, fascination and fear. There is plenty of mature content and nudity (which you can pixelate out if you choose), but it’s a horror game first and foremost – a game for adults certainly, but not an “Adult” game (if you’re looking for something to get your rocks off to then you may want to look elsewhere).

The current build of Lust From Beyond serves as a prologue for the full game and contains an entire standalone story that takes about an hour to play through. In it you are a new member of the Cult of Ecstasy – a cult dedicated to discovering the dark secrets and carnal pleasures of Lusst’ghaa – The Land of Ecstasy. You have been recruited because you are a “Seeing” – someone capable of seeing and passing into Lusst’ghaa. Though, perhaps the cult doesn’t have your best interests in mind…

A sequel of sorts to Lust From Darkness, around half of Lust From Beyond takes place in a large Victorian mansion with your masked cult members who seem like they’ve stepped out of Eyes Wide Shut. In the mansion you’ll explore, search for clues/useful items, solve puzzles and learn more about the Cult of Ecstasy. The other half of the game takes place in Lusst’ghaa – a dark and foreboding world, full of Giger-esque biomechanical environments and freaky monsters that are keen to kill you.

It’s a very impressive game with some incredible art design, high-quality visuals and an intoxicating blend of carnal pleasure and otherworldly horror. Pleasure and pain, fear and desire, horror and delight – you get both sides of the coin in this deliciously dark adventure. Highly recommended.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

You need to be logged into Steam to view the Lust From Beyond: Prologue store page so we can’t link directly to it. You can find the Prologue by going to the Lust from Beyond Steam page and clicking on the “Free Extended Demo Available NOW” announcement. Or you can log into Steam and just search for “Lust From Beyond: Prologue“.