Lyra: The Traitor Lyngrave – Prototype Download

Lyra: The Traitor Lyngrave is a Game of Thrones-esque narrative driven adventure with anthropomorphic characters and tactical turn based battles reminiscent of the Banner Saga.

In Lyra: The Traitor Lyngrave you follow and influence the journey of Oakmont the Bear and Lyra the wolf – two loyal soldiers who are nearing the end of their long journey home. However it seems home will have to wait, as they have a chance run in with the king’s ward and they uncover a plot of betrayal and subterfuge that threatens to plunge the land into a civil war.

The current build of Lyra: The Traitor Lyngrave features around an hours worth of gameplay, with a lot of it played out via fully voice acted and beautifully drawn non-linear narrative scenes. The choices you make in the current build during the dialogue scenes don’t seem to affect the outcome too much, but there’s promise that your actions will have drastic consequences in the full game.

When you encounter enemies the gameplay switches to an isometric tactical turn based battle. These battles are clearly inspired by The Banner Saga, with you able to use attacks to bring down your opponents armor points or their vitality. The combat doesn’t feel quite as deep as The Banner Saga at the moment (largely due to units being able to move too far and use lots of attacks in one move), but it’s still early in development and it’ll no doubt get more complex as the game progresses (and the characters will have skill trees to unlock new abilities).

Lyra: The Traitor Lyngrave is still early in development, but it really impresses with its production values, interesting narrative and likeable characters. The gruff northern tones of the voicework, the everyday brutality and the narrative of betrayal and politics evokes the early seasons of Game of Thrones. It’s a very impressive start to what feels like the beginnings of an epic adventure well worth embarking on.

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