M.A.R.S. – Beta Key Giveaway

We have 2,000 keys to give away for M.A.R.S. – a multiplayer third/first person
Sci-Fi shooter that promises spectacle filled multiplayer combat as you blast aliens, robots, mummies, dinosaurs and mechs across lots of exotic game modes.

M.A.R.S. (Mercenary Assault Recon Squad) is a multiplayer arena shooter that takes place in a future where the League of Nations, UNITA and a man-made race of insectoid robots fight for dominance. You’ll now travel through time and space as you attempt to save the world from the chaos they’ve unleashed. The game promises an action packed Sci-Fi shooter experience that doesn’t take itself too seriously.

It will feature lots of game modes, ranging from the traditional Team Deathmatch, Domination and Search & Destroy modes to more interesting ones like Headhunter – where your head physically grows with every kill you make, making it much easier for your rivals to pull off a headshot. It will also have lots of PvE modes too, ranging from challenging 4 player mini-campaigns to wave-based survival mode where you blast hordes of robots, dinosaurs and aliens. If that’s not enough then there’s also promise of huge mech vs mech battles – it really does seem to have everything!

The M.A.R.S. Beta is due to start on December 17th 2pm EDT. To join in the fun just carry out any 3 actions in the widget below and your key will appear instantly! Please note these are NOT Steam Keys. To redeem them you’ll need to create an account at https://subagames.com/MARS and then download the launcher (step 2 on the home page). When you load up the launcher you can enter the Beta key to access the game (the Beta starts on December 17th 2pm EDT).

M.A.R.S. – Steam Beta Key Giveaway