Mabby – Alpha Demo

Mabby game

Mabby is a vibrant action platforming adventure which draws inspiration from Mega Man and infuses the blue bomber’s traditional jump and shoot gameplay with stylish blocky 2D visuals and a nice dose of cerebral puzzle platforming.

In Mabby you play a young girl who’s the only free member of her civilisation after the rest of the population of her planet is captured inside a giant armoured tomb by an extraterrestrial assailant. It’s up to you to run, jump and shoot your way though the games adorable boxy world, battling enemies and bosses as you attempt to save your people from certain doom.

Mabby may draw inspiration from Mega Man, but it’s far from a Mega Man clone. There are combat sections and big boss battles, but it’s much more of slower paced puzzle focused game. As well as being able to jump and shoot, you can also fire a slow moving cluster of blocks which can be jumped on to help access out of reach areas (among other uses). This ability really comes in handy throughout the Alpha Demo and allows for some inventive level design that requires problem solving skills as well as platforming skills.

It’s still early in development, but Mabby certainly shows a lot of promise. A fun action platforming adventure with vibrant visuals, a great sense of character and intelligent puzzle design. The thinking persons Mega Man.

UPDATE: Demo No Longer Available