Machinika Museum – Beta Demo

Machinika Museum is a The Room-esque puzzle box game where you attempt to figure out how to use various pieces of mysterious machinery of extra-terrestrial origin that are sent to your museum.

Drawing inspiration from Myst, The Witness, Machinarium and (most notably) The Room games, Machinika Museum is a puzzle box style adventure where you use experimentation and logic to figure out the various machines that are sent to you. In the game you take on the role of a museum curator who gets sent mysterious alien machines, often from unknown sources and without any instructions of how to operate them.

The current build features around 10-20 minutes of gameplay, and aside from the very last puzzle (which requires a 3-digit code that’s very hard to work out), it’s a very well designed puzzler. You’re given one device to test out and one device to unpack and it’s great fun trying to figure out how everything works.

There’s a nice air of mystery about Machinika Museum and much like the The Room games, there’s an intuitive and tactile element to the puzzles as you turn and slide pieces about. It’s a very promising puzzler with a great premise and clever puzzle design. There’s nothing more intriguing than a locked box or a new gadget – so a whole game full of mysterious boxed alien gadgets is very alluring!

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Beta Demo Here (Windows & iOS)

2 thoughts on “Machinika Museum – Beta Demo”

  1. Thanks for the video Calum! :)
    Quick word about the last puzzle: We had a bug, that has now been fixed; sorry about that.
    I understand you struggled with it; the correct code is indeed what’s written on the note. There’s another code that works, which is the one you eventually used (which is briefly visible in our teaser video) but it was really a bug.
    Our demo on has been updated to fix that. Sorry for the confusion.

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