Mad in Heaven – Alpha Demo

Mad in Heaven game

Mad in Heaven is a very creepy and jump scare filled Unreal Engine-powered first person horror in which you play a security guard who has a habit of sleeping on the job and ending up in some truly nightmarish places.

The gameplay in Mad in Heaven feels a little similar to PT, as although it doesn’t feature PT‘s looping corridors, there are some terrifying scripted scares that occur and a nice attention to detail as you roam the abandoned house in the current build. Whether or not these scares land will depend on whether you’re facing the right direction at times, but if they catch you just right you really will jump out of your chair.

It’s clearly still very early in development so does have some rough edges still (we’re particularly confused about what’s going on in the first scene), but Mad In Heaven certainly shows promise. For better or worse it feels like a very good haunted house fairground attraction – sure it feels a little like it’s on rails and the jump scares are all scripted, but when the scares land just right, they really will terrify you. A freaky little thrill ride.

Check Out a Mad in Heaven Gameplay Video Here

UPDATE: This Alpha Is No Longer Available

4 thoughts on “Mad in Heaven – Alpha Demo”

  1. Did give this a go, and must say it did really get me many times! While the controls is a bit slow, and the story a bit lacking, don’t I expect more yet since its a alpha testing. With some polish and all, can I see it as a real nightmare.

    At least for me, that already have a horrible time with horror games, but still enjoy them. I hope they add a bit of notes, like that I should pick up the flash-light, which I accidentally did. But that just some things I hope they will add in the later production. Which Im excited to see more of!

    So far did I do playthrough it and so made a let’s play of my adventure of it!

    • Not everyone have your nerves of steel, I thought it was plenty of scary. : ) Maybe not an original game, but doesn’t make it less scary imo. And since its still in just alpha, will things probably change so will see what that leads to. : )

      • I agree with this. There’s no need to deride a game because it uses jump scares. Some people (such as Andrew) may not like jump scare horrors, but a lot of people do. There’s plenty of room on the market for all types, and it is still very early in development.

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