Mad Streets – Alpha Demo

Mad Streets is a wonderfully chaotic physics based fighting game where players face off in slapstick brawls in a variety of different urban locations.

Playing a little like Gang Beasts, but with more realistic character models and a little more control of your character, Mad Streets is a fun brawler for up to four players. The combat is entirely physics-based, making for some wonderfully organic (and chaotic) encounters, as you punk, kick, grab, throw and bash your rivals with only objects that come to hand.

There are four playable characters and three different game modes playable in the demo, with you able to play against bots or other players locally. It’s also worth playing through the tutorial as it gives you a little more backstory about the characters and helps you get to grips with the controls.

Gang Beasts was a lot of fun, but the combat was a little too basic to allow you to really feel like player skill was much of a factor. Mad Streets still has plenty of physics-based chaos, but it also has some decent fighting mechanics that should allow you to feel like your actions actually have an affect on the outcome of the match. It’s also particularly satisfying when one of your attacks connects perfectly for a K.O.!

Download The Mad Streets Alpha Demo Here (Windows)