Mad World – Halloween Special Open Alpha

Mad World is a fun cross platform browser based MMORPG with Diablo-esque combat, stylish hand drawn visuals and massive battles that take place in the games post-apocalyptic world.

Mad World is set in a dark, post-apocalyptic world that’s been infested with demonic souls and no one remembers the past. It’s a world that lays in chaos, populated by all manner of monstrosities and gigantic bosses for you and your fellow players to slay.

The current build of Mad World is a Halloween Special Open Alpha that’s open until November the 1st and allows you to dress up, explore the game world and take part in large scale PvE battles or take part in PvP arena matches. The combat is quite anarchic and take a little getting used to, but is fairly similar to Diablo, with you using the mouse to move and attack, and using the keyboard to unleash special abilities that have cooldowns.

It’s a fun game, with a fabulous art style and easily accessible gameplay. Considering the amount of action that’s going on at one time, it’s amazing how fluidly it runs on a browser. Well worth checking out for some Halloween hack and slash MMORPG action.

Join In The Mad World Open Alpha Here (Available Until Nov 1st)