MADiSON – Beta Demo

MADiSON is a very freaky first person horror adventure that sees you using a supernatural polaroid camera and solving puzzles as you attempt to finish a sinister ceremony and put an end to your torture at the hands of an evil demon.

Drawing favorable comparisons to P.T. and Resident Evil 7, MADiSON sees you trapped in an old house with a demon. You progress the narrative via mixture of walking along to trigger points and solving puzzles. You control Luca, a man who’s returned to his childhood home after decades away and must now continue a gory ritual that started when you were a child, with a demon that forced you to do abominable acts. It’s hard to trust everything you see though, the game’s title suggests that you’re a “MAD SON”, so maybe some (or all) of it is all in your head.

The narrative also seems to be intertwined with a mysterious Polaroid camera, which was previously owned by a woman who killed her entire family in a witchcraft ceremony and was then shot dead by the police. This camera comes in handy throughout the game, with you able to take pictures with it and alter the environment slightly.

The current build of MADiSON takes around 15 minutes to complete and features a nice selection of puzzles and well orchestrated jump scares throughout. Even in these early stages of development it’s a very polished experience, with a tense, dread-filled atmosphere, dark and grimy visuals, unsettling audio design and plenty of scares. Highly recommended.

Note: There seems to be an optional puzzle in the form of the combination lock that’s on the small hatch. We couldn’t get it open, but there are numbers etched on the lock, as well as numbers you can find elsewhere (on the keyring, the clock pointing to 3 o’clock). We’d love to know what’s in there if anyone manages to figure it out!

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The MADiSON Beta Demo Here (Windows & Mac)

Special thanks to Nokzen for the heads up about this game!