Madshot – Beta Demo

Madshot is a stylish roguelite action-platforming shooter where you blast Eldritch monstrosities as you attempt to defeat the mighty Cthulhu from the inside.

In Madshot it appears that Cthulhu has swallowed your entire city whole, with you in it. You’re still alive though and are a skilled fighter (with guns or a blade), so maybe you’ll be able to defeat the Old God from the inside. On each run of Madshot you’ll battle your way through a series of arenas that require you to defeat a certain amount of Eldritch abominations before moving on. You can choose different routes through each section of your swallowed city, with you earning useful upgrades along the way. You can also unlock permanent upgrades between runs and there are also other weapons that you’ll be able to unlock in the full game.

The demo build of Madshot features the first section of the city, with you able to battle through increasingly challenging arena battles before your showdown with a massive serpentine boss. There are a few little bugs, but on the whole it’s a very polished experience with a great graphic novel-esque visual style, lots of interesting upgrades and secrets to discover, and plenty of fast paced monster-blasting gameplay. Your character is satisfyingly agile and being able to grab and throw various objects from the background is a nice touch. Time to show Cthulhu who’s boss!

Download The Madshot Beta Demo Here (Steam)