MAGBOT – Alpha Demo


Magbot, the last surviving bot on a futuristic ship, must keep the frozen colonists alive in this fun physics-based metroidvania.

Thirty thousand colonists set off in a ship, cryogenically frozen, to wake hundreds of years later. Robot caretakers and AI systems were with them, to watch over and take care of these lives. Then, the ship did not quite make its mark. Six hundred years late, the ship has degraded – all robots are dead except for one. One little Magbot must continue to take care of the ship and colonists, or the whole trip will be in vain.

You are this Magbot.  You have limited abilities – just a light that is also able to scan other objects. You can only use your abilities for a little bit of time before it needs to recharge. Old, dead bots are scattered around the ship and can give you other helpful abilities – like the ability to move and throw the boxes that block your passage to new areas. Gravity and magnetic fields also must be contended with and used to your advantage, and there are even huge bosses battle with.

It’s a fun futuristic metroidvania with great mix of physics based puzzles and classic platforming.  Can your little Magbot save the lives of everyone onboard the ship?

UPDATE: This Alpha Is No Longer Available