Magic: Legends – Open Beta

Magic: Legends, the new Diablo-esque fantasy action RPG set in the Magic: The Gathering universe is now in open Beta!

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer during the closed Beta sign up, Magic: Legends is a fantasy action RPG with Diablo-esque gameplay and Magic: The Gathering style deckbuilding elements. The cards you collect can be added to your deck and used to cast spells and summon creatures. There are five different decks (belonging to five different Magic factions), but you can mix and match them to suit your playstyle.

It’s a good looking game with a rich Magic: The Gathering lore to draw on and deckbuilding mechanics that should add a little more depth to its dungeon crawling gameplay. The Beta is available on Arc Games and the Epic Game Store, with different bonus gifts available depending on which you use. On Arc will get you two drop boosts, Gavony Vigilante Costume, the ‘Bruiser’ skin for the Ogre Mortar creature summon and two mission boosts. Playing on the Epic Games Store will net you two drop boosts, a Moorland Ranger Costume, Moorland Ranger Werewolf Summon Skin.

Download the Magic: Legends Open Beta Here (Epic) or Here (Arc Games)