Magic Shot – Beta Sign Up (iOS)

magic shot

Magic Shot is a wonderful new billiards-style game coming to mobile devices that tasks you with hitting two balls with the white ball in one shot across a multitude of stylish, pulsating, morphing tables.

The control scheme is pretty self explanatory, simply aim and drag backwards using your finger as an imaginary pool cue.  When you’ve lined up your shot simply release and watch as your ball hurtles around the table, applying a small amount of spin if required.  Manage to hit both balls with the white and the table will morph into another bizarre shape and you’ll continue (unless you’re playing ‘insanity’ mode, in which case the table will continually morph every second).

Magic Shot grabs your attention in three different ways – the tactile playtoy-esque interface, the challenging gameplay and the enticing prospect of seeing the next funky table.  The finished game will feature an original soundtrack from Renaud Bedard from Fez and Capy fame, an exciting prospect that means the audio will be as good as the stylish visuals. With three addictive gameplay modes and a wonderfully tactile playstyle, Magic Shot can entertain for hours.  Beautifully bizarre billiards.

Check Out the Trailer HERE

Follow Magic Shot’s development HERE

To sign up for the Magic Shot Beta simply email and tell them we sent you! (iOS 8 Only)