Magicmaker – Alpha Download


Magicmaker is an excellent spellcrafting-focused platformer/dungeon-crawler with over 2,000,000 unique spell combinations to discover and a charming papercraft visual style.

As the Security Guard of Dörwall Community College (The preeminent wizarding school of the Dörwall area) you must jump, shoot, and explore through beautifully crafted levels to assure the safety of your colleagues while investigating the sudden appearance of a mysterious individual.

The sheer variety this game has is incredible, with plenty of character customisation options, varied environments, lots of colourful enemies, and more spell combinations than you can shake a wand at.  All this would be for nothing is the gameplay wasn’t up to scratch, but thankfully Magicmaker is a joy to play, with fun platforming, huge bosses, open level design and awesome spell effects.  A spellbinding smorgasbord of spectacular spells.

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