Magin: The Rat Project – Kickstarter Demo

Magin: The Rat Project is a dark fantasy RRG adventure with comic book aesthetics, a choice-driven narrative and card-based combat.

In Magin: The Rat Project you follow the stories of two different playable characters, Tolen and Elester, powerful mage-like Magins who are treated as outcasts because of their powers. Tolen is a young boy who is just getting to grips with his powers but Elester is older and has honed his skills to become the chief hitman of the Syndicate. The two live in a dark fantasy world that on the verge of an industrial revolution and their fates will become intertwined as the adventure unfolds.

The current build of Magin: The Rat Project takes around 15 minutes to play through and follows the start of Tolen’s story as he goes in search of his mother on a dark and dangerous night. The game features an interesting mix of point and click adventure, CCG and TellTale-esque branching narrative adventure gameplay.

You control your character with the WASD keys, but interact and pick up objects in the environment with the mouse. When fighting the game switches to a card-based combat system, with you using cards to attack and defend against enemies. Your choices while exploring, talking to characters and fighting will shape your character and cause them to make different important narrative-changing decisions and also unlock different cards to use in combat.

Some of the voice acting for Tolen’s character feels a little off, but other than that Magin: The Rat Project is a very impressive game. The graphic novel visual style and unique mixture of gameplay elements world very well and the way your actions influence your character (and the narrative) are very interesting. A deck-building RPG adventure with an engaging story and a very intriguing dark fantasy game world.

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