Maiden & Spell – Beta Demo

Maiden & Spell is a wonderfully whimsical but incredibly tough 1v1 shoot ‘em up fighting game that sees cute anime girls facing off in intense bullet hell duels!

Drawing inspiration from Japanese Doujin games, Maiden & Spell sees you controlling a selection of powerful female fighters as they face off in 1v1 duels. The current build features a single player story mode and versus multiplayer, with four playable characters and some very intense battles.

The setting, characters and dialogue in the game is all whimsical and lighthearted, but don’t let that fool you – once the battles start the gameplay is 100% hardcore bullet hell action.You have access to four characters (two in story mode), each with their own selection of abilities, some defensive and some offensive, as well as a focus button that increases your firepower but slows down your movement.

Battles in Maiden & Spell are fast, fun and tactical, with you weaving around your opponents bullets whilst filling the screen with your own. Your aim is to hit your opponent four times to take them out. It allows for some balanced and competitive battles in versus mode, and it ups the ante in story mode with your opponents using a final ‘Magnus’ power that effectively turns it into a boss fight.

It’s a fun game with charming characters, great artwork and fast paced duels that could should attract fighting game fans as well as hardcore bullet hell shooter fans. A head-to-head bullet hell fighter that offers a real test of skill.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Maiden & Spell Beta Demo Here (Windows)