Mail Mole – Beta Demo

Mail Mole is a charming 3D platforming adventure where you control a cute little mailman mole as they burrow through the earth, collecting carrots and delivering mail.

Harkening back to the more simple times of the N64-era 3D platformer, Mail Mole is a stylish little adventure that sees you avoiding hazards, collecting carrots and delivering mail. You take on the role of a little mole who burrows through the ground, and after a short tutorial in the games hubworld, you’re sent to three differently themed lands to deliver mail.

Each of the lands you’re sent too is roughly the same size as a Super Mario 64 level and features obstacles to navigate, carrots to collect and three hidden radishes to find. Your burrowing skills come in handy but you can also jump, dash and ground pound to aid your progress.

Mail Mole isn’t too tough and can be completed in under 30 minutes, but there’s a nice amount of collectibles to find and accessories to unlock, and you can also try your hand at speed running the levels for a bit more challenge. It’s a fun little game with a great visual style, responsive controls, charming characters and old school 3D platforming gameplay that harkens back to the N64 era. A sweet little mail delivering platforming adventure well worth burrowing into.

Download The Mail Mole Beta Demo Here (Windows)