Main Assembly – Open Beta

Main Assembly is now in open Beta, so everyone can check out Bad Yolk Games’ fabulous free-form building game where you craft all manner of robotic machines and take them for a spin.

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer during the closed Beta sign up, Main Assembly is a sandbox robot building game where you can craft all manner of unique driveable robotic vehicles. It features challenge levels where you need to design something that can complete a specific task and a sandbox mode that allows you to build anything you can dream up – including robotic scorpions, mech walkers, motorbikes, cars that crawl up walls, drag racers and ducks.

Even in Beta Main Assembly is a very polished experience and easy to get to grips with (as long as you go through the tutorial first) and the variety of vehicles you can build is phenomenal. You can knock up some rough and ready run-arounds pretty quickly, but if you take your time you can build some real works of art. The open Beta will be live until the end of April so jump in now to start building some magnificent machines!

Download The Main Assembly Open Beta Here (Steam)