Make a Weird Heart – Game Jam Build

Make a Weird Heart is a charming little experience where you use your big monster arm to place objects and make a weird heart for an adorable furry monster.

The aim of Make a Weird Heart is simple – you just grab objects from the side of the table and slap them down into an area in the center of the table. Once you have all your items “arranged” in the center of the table then you’ll be able to take you snapshot of them and create your weird little heart to give to the monster sat across the table from you.

The gameplay in Make a Weird Heart is very basic and there’s not a lot of variety in the pieces you make the heart from, but it’s a fun little experience with great visual design and an adorable big furry monster to befriend. It’s particularly fun to watch how the monster reacts to the pieces you put down and its excitement as it watches your every move. A fun little experience with a lot of heart.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download Make a Weird Heart Here (Windows & Mac)