Make It, Count! – Game Jam Build

Make It, Count! is a clever little clockwork puzzler where you rotate the level to try and get a vampire back to their coffin without getting fried in the sun.

Created for the summer UE4 Jam, Make It, Count! is an inventive little puzzle game where you try to guide a vampire back to their coffin whilst keeping them out of the sun. The sun rising in the distance, casting its deadly rays across the landscape. Getting to the coffin won’t be easy, but thankfully you can rotate the levels by clicking and dragging, allowing you to create shadows for your little vampire to find shelter in. Reach the coffin and you’ll get a fun little story about the vampire’s life before moving on to the next level.

There are only five levels in Make It, Count!, but it’s a fun little puzzler with some satisfyingly challenging puzzles and a cleverly implemented level rotating mechanic. Short and sweet little shadowy puzzler well worth shining a light on.

Download Make It, Count! Here (Windows)