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Make War is a voxel based battle simulation puzzler where you place alien units to influence the outcome of battles between vikings and knights.

The sandbox battle simulation gameplay in Make War is a little similar to the likes of Totally Accurate Battle Simulator, but it’s much more puzzle focused and sees you using an alien army to intervene with battles throughout history. The battles in the current build are based on the 991 Battle of Maldon between the Vikings and Anglo-Saxon Knights and see both forces charging at each other across a battlefield.

You can’t place or alter the Viking or Anglo-Saxon armies, but you can place alien units anywhere on the battlefield and use them to alter the results of the battles. You’re given various objectives that you can attempt to achieve down the left hand side of the screen and completing these objectives unlocks new units for your alien army. There’s a wide range of objectives, such as “kill X amount of units”, “make sure X side wins” or “finish the battle in 45 seconds” and to achieve these objectives you need to figure out the best placements for the alien forces.

It’s a fun game that can get pretty addictive as you fiddle with the deployment of your alien forces to meddle with the outcomes of the battles. There’s a nice amount of weaponry and units to unlock and even the smallest change in your deployments can have dramatic effects on the battle. A three-way sandbox warfare simulator well worth checking out.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Make War Alpha Here (Windows)

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  1. This was actually a great game and surprisingly not buggy at all for its early development.

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