Mala Petaka – Beta Demo

Mala Petaka is a fast, fun and vibrant GZDoom powered Sci-Fi first person shooter where an amnesiac blasts his way through hordes of green aliens.

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer back in January, Mala Petaka is a colorful and cartoony FPS powered by the GZDoom engine. In the game you take on the role of the titular Petaka – a guy with no memory and an uncontrollable need to kill every alien he encounters.

The Mala Petaka demo features a sizeable chunk of gameplay, with non-linear level design and vast, uniquely themed zones. There’s a nice variety of aliens and a good selection of weapons to blast them with (all will alternate fire modes).

It’s a very enjoyable retro FPS with vibrant cartoony visuals that make a nice change from traditional gore-filled boomer shooters. As it’s built in GZDoom, the combat obviously feels great, but it’s got some clever tricks up its sleeve too – such as its time freeze power-ups and some very cool looking teleportation portals. Highly recommended.

Download The Mala Petaka Beta Demo Here (Steam)