Mala Petaka – Prototype Download

Mala Petaka is a vibrant and arcadey GZDoom powered run n’ gun first person shooter where a very angry man goes on a rampage and kills all the aliens and drones he comes across.

In Mala Petaka you take control of Petaka – a very angry man who has lost his memories. He has an urge to kill any aliens or robotic drones that he sees, but because he has no memory he has no idea why. Hopefully he’ll find out before he runs out of aliens to blast!

The gameplay in Mala Petaka is very much like DOOM, but with a much more cheerful NES inspired retro aesthetic and a catchy chiptune soundtrack. The prototype features one large level and is a real challenge even in Normal difficulty. It also features five weapons (some of which have alt fire modes) and some handy power-ups such as time freezing and invulnerability.

Retro boomer shooters are usually grim and bloody affairs, so Mala Petaka’s colorful retro Sci-Fi world makes for a nice change. Also, as it runs in the GZDoom engine, the shooting feels great too. Definitely worth checking out for a bit of run n’ gun fun!

Download The Mala Petaka Prototype Here (Windows)