Mallory and the Marble Sanctum – Alpha Download

Mallory and the Marble Sanctum is a beautiful and bizarre narrative driven puzzle platforming adventure where a little mouse escapes from her isolation into lucid dreams that contain a mysterious endless labyrinth.

In Mallory and the Marble Sanctum you take on the role of Mallory, an anxious little mouse who ends up in a mysterious endless isometric labyrinth each night when she dreams. In the dreams you explore the labyrinth, do a little platforming, solve puzzles and uncover memories of conversations. Outside your dreams you live a very isolated life, locked away inside a cardboard house with a cat, but then one time you see another mouse in your dreams and set out in search of them.

The current build of Mallory and the Marble Sanctum takes around 30 minutes to play through and really impresses with its interesting setting, striking visual style, inventive gameplay and quirky characters. The conversations are particularly intriguing as the game doesn’t explicitly say who they’re between or if they’re connected to your character in any way. They do all seem to revolve around one of the characters shying away from a social interaction though, something that is definitely something Mallory has been doing. It’s still early days but the game seems to be about opening up and escaping from your isolation or perhaps even escaping from a toxic relationship (personified by your cat). It’s a fascinating experience and it’ll be interesting to see what awaits Mallory outside the confines of her little cardboard home.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Mallory and the Marble Sanctum Alpha Here (Windows)