ManaRocks – Beta Download

ManaRocks is a “Seasonal Card Game” – a tactical turn based card battling game where everyone starts each season with the same basic cards and unlocks are earned through playing during those seasons.

CCG’s are often impenetrable to newcomers as their basic decks can’t compete against long term players’ advanced decks. ManaRocks addresses this issue by splitting the game into seasons that take place throughout the year and sees everyone’s decks being reset to the basic starter decks at the start of each one. Players can unlock cards throughout the season as in a traditional CCG. It promises to have no booster packs or loot boxes – everything you unlock is just done through play, but there is a Fortnite-style season pass you can buy to speed things up a little.

Gameplay-wise ManaRocks offers tactical turn-based 1v1 or 2v2 multiplayer card battles that are easy to pick up and play but hard to master. There are six different heroes to choose from, each with their own special powers and decks. Cards are split up into creatures, sorceries and artefacts, with you able to lay as many as you like per round, as long as you have enough mana. Matches usually take under 10 minutes, with the wide variety of cards allowing for lots of different battle strategies.

It’s a great game with a high level of polish, satisfyingly deep CCG gameplay and a nice selection of cards and heroes to experiment with. It’s ManaRocks’s seasonal take on the CCG that’s the most impressive though – it should allows for much more balanced battles where even newcomers stand a chance against seasoned pros and will allow for a shake-up of the gameplay with each new season to keep it fresh. Well worth checking out for an innovotive new take on the CCG.

Download ManaRocks Here (Steam)