Mandala – Game Jam Build Download

Mandala is a beautiful and chilled out experimental experience where you control a flying jellyfish-like creature as it spreads life through a decaying garden.

Created for Global Game Jam 2020, Mandala allows you to control a jellyfish-like creature as it flies around the remains of a decaying garden. You leave a trail of roots in your wake and when you reach special circular mini-gardens then your roots multiply and their movements mirror your own as you collect a series of glowing orbs. Collecting all the glowing orbs then causes all of the roots you’ve laid to spectacularly burst into bloom.

There’s no overall objective in Mandala – you just fly around restoring the garden and quit when you’ve had enough. It’s a beautiful and relaxing experience which gives you a great feeling each time you complete each mini-garden and your roots burst into bloom.

Download Mandala Here (Windows)