Manic Maze: Trick or Treat! – Alpha Demo

Manic Maze Trick or Treat

Manic Maze: Trick or Treat! is a spooky little maze game that challenges you to navigate a creepy corn maze  while avoiding some familiar Halloween creatures. Should you manage to find your way out, you’ll be rewarded with a big bowl of candy courtesy of your friendly, neighbourhood haunted farmhouse.

For better or for worse, Manic Maze plays and feels like a shinier version of a Windows 98 FPS title. The art style rings nostalgic with a quirky, stop-motion quality to the opening cinematic and an in-game world with just the right spook-factor to thrill — but not scare — younger players. As an added bonus for those growing tired of Halloween, developer Bloodmane Studio also has promised seasonal updates to the game, with more maps and more enemies to match each season.

Unfortunately, Manic Maze’s movement suffer from being a touch too slippery in the tighter corners of the maze and the bonus level’s survival shooter section could use some tweaking before launch. In spite of these issues, Manic Maze makes for a delightful romp through the lighter side of Halloween and if you’ve ever lost time staring at the infamous 3D Maze screensaver, you need to give Manic Maze: Trick or Treat! a try.

UPDATE: This Alpha Is No Longer Available