Manipulation – Game Jam Build Download

Manipulation is a creepy Sci-Fi puzzle game, where you wake up in a room with a mysterious remote control, which can be used in a variety if interesting ways.

With your controller, you have two buttons you can click which each do a different thing. At first, you will be using this controller to open doors to go deeper within this strange tomb-like place. Eventually, you will start to find that you are not actually alone. There are strange beings, with headbands and clubs, lurking inside some areas

Your controller will help you keep these beings at bay, as well as use them to solve puzzles. As Manipulation doesn’t give you many instructions – often only having bits of writing on the walls for you to follow, a lot of the fun comes from figuring out how to use your remote control in various situations. Beings do respawn, so it doesn’t feel too bad when they die and controlling them certainly feels powerful!

Manipulation is a challenging and very unique little puzzle game with a great sense of atmosphere and an all-powerful remote control to play around with. You get to order the beings around like a God – but not an all knowing one – a confused one that has just been handed some weird bits of technology and must figure them out as they go. Highly recommended.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download Manipulation Here (Windows)