Manny The Fly – Tech Demo

Manny The Fly is an absolutely pointless, but strangely enjoyable ragdoll fly dancing simulator that allows you to control a floppy little fly as he busts a move to some groovy beats.

It’s worth pointing out that in its current form Manny The Fly is more of an interactive playtoy than a game. There are no objectives, no guidelines and no scoring – just a single scene that sees you controlling Manny the Fly as he flails around on the dance floor in front on an onlooking fly (possibly a girl fly he’s trying to impress).

The controls are very limited at the moment, with you only able to pop, jump, raise your hands and adjust the floppiness of your body. Somehow though, despite the fact your controls are limited and there’s very little point to what you’re doing, it’s still a whole lot of fun helping little Manny strut his stuff.

The dev is planning to add more features to Manny The Fly, but even in its current form it’s a great little experience that makes you smile as you play. Much like dancing in real life, it’s totally pointless but a whole lot of fun!

Controls: Spacebar – Jump, H – Pop, Y – Lower/Raise Hands, Mouse Wheel – Control Body Floppiness!

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Manny The Fly Tech Demo Here (Windows)