Manshooter: So Realistic It Hurts – Game Jam Build Download

Manshooter Game Download

Manshooter: So Realistic It Hurts is a broken game, and deliberately so, with you attempting find a way to work around a game breaking bug that keeps crashing you out of it.

Manshooter: So Realistic It Hurts is a “cutting edge” 2002 first person shooter that hopes to offer the ultimate first person shooter experience to its players. The problem is that it’s broken, with it crashing every time you get to a certain point in the game. Luckily there’s a forum though that offer some clues to help see more of the content…

The actual way you work around the game breaking glitch is a bit boring, but the ‘find a way to play a broken game’ idea is a great premise that has lots of great possibilities. Perhaps it could be expanded with ways to work around the bugs during the actual gameplay – such as it only crashing when you face in a particular direction or shooting certain body parts.

It could do with more bugs, but as it stands it’s still pretty fun – thanks mainly to the increasingly hilarious enemy skins and the way your little handgun can rip through enemies dismember their bodies. An interesting game in which a game breaking bug is a feature!

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download Manshooter: So Realistic It Hurts Here (Windows)