Manual Overload – Game Jam Build Download

Manual Overload Game Download

Manual Overload is a ridiculously tough first person ‘button-hell’ game in which you play an astronaut whose space pod is running out of power and must multitask to save his life.

In Manual Overload you start alone in a space pod with only a little bit of power remaining, a few buttons and a helpful AI that gives you instructions on how to replenish your power supply. It turns out that charging your battery is as simple as pressing a button. Or to be more accurate, it’s a simple as pressing LOTS of buttons, pulling levers and spinning valves – as fast as you can after your AI tells you to. There’s no time to rest as you press the Decombobulator, cycle the Wob Dippers, nudge the Flax Attenuator and carry out many more ridiculously named tasks.

It’s a funny and fabulously frantic game that sees you spinning around and multitasking like a maniac as you attempt to prolong your life as long as possible. Good luck astronaut, you’re really going to need it in this button pressing bonanza!

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download Manual Overload Here (Windows, Mac & Linux)