MaoMao Castle – Game Jam Build

MaoMao Castle

MaoMao Castle, a very silly Space Harrier-esque retro arcade styled game made for the Castle Game Jam 2016 has you guiding your flying cat-dragon to his floating castle!

MaoMao is the name of your cat-dragon from another dimension, and you are trying to guide home to his castle in the sky. He has 9 lives, each represented by a segment of his long dragon body. As you guide him around, you must collect rainbows, dodge trees and buildings, and cut down flowers. Each of these actions will give you more points so you can get the highest score possible.

If there are too many trees and buildings in your way, or if you want to earn extra points, you can dash MaoMao into these objects. Dashing him will cause him to break the desired object giving you more points, however, your dash meter will need to fill up again to use this, and if you do not time it correctly you will lose a life. Nine lives seems like a lot, but as MaoMao gets faster and levels become more dangerous, you will need these to stay alive.

MaoMao Castle offers up fun old school arcade action, charming pixel art visuals and a very silly premise.  Certainly worth checking out for some flying feline fun!

Play MaoMao Castle in your Browser Here