Marc – Game Jam Build Download

Marc is a short and beautifully illustrated narrative experience about taking a break from the drudgery of life and giving yourself a little time to breathe.

Created for TOJam 2021, in Marc you complete a series of simple WarioWare-esque microgames as your character carries out his daily routine. This includes, stopping your alarm clock, brushing your teeth, working at your computer, eating lunch and going to sleep. Every day it’s the same routine and aside from things speeding up a little, nothing changes, until…

Taking just a few minutes to play through, it’s a short game, but it has a great message and the hand drawn artwork is beautiful. It does a great job of replicating the drudgery of a daily routine (especially during lockdown) and the ending really does hit you like a breath of fresh air.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download Marc Here (Windows & Mac)