March of War: Face-off XL – Beta Download (Steam)

March Of War

March of War: Face-off XL (Or MoWFOXL), a game created by ISOTX, is a fun blend of Turn Based Strategy and CCG, set in a cool steampunk universe where the impossible is possible.

MoWFOXL shares some similarities with Trading card games, such as Hearthstone and Magic: The Gathering, but also mixes things up by adding a terrain map/board that has your units moving across to the bother side to destroy the enemy forces. The game sees you protecting your command HQ from the enemy by placing units in one of three lanes. On the side of the board is a domination zone. When any of your units are in that zone, depending on the distance between the unit and the enemy HQ, you will deal damage directly to the enemies base. The more units you have in said zone, the more damage you can cause to their HQ.

MoWFOXL is a super addictive game that has been created absolutely beautifully. The card animations along with the battle sequences are excellent, and people who love things that go BOOM will fall in love with this CCG without a doubt. So grab your army men, strap on your steel cap boots and drop right in for some stylish and strategic CCG action!

Download the March of War: Face-off XL Steam Early Access Build Here