Mariachi Undead – Alpha Demo

Mariachi Undead is a hand drawn 2D side-scrolling shooter with cover-shooter and rhythm action elements as an undead mariachi player makes his way through a post-apocalyptic Earth to save his son.

In Mariachi Undead you take on the role of the titular mariachi who has been brought back from the dead in a post-apocalyptic Earth. You must now use your guitar and a magic pistol to fight your way through the wastelands to save your son.

Mariachi Undead features a unique mix of rhythm action, side-scrolling shooter and cover-shooter gameplay. You can walk, aim, shoot and use a melee attack as in a traditional shooter, but you can also duck behind cover and you can whip out your guitar to perform a rhythm-action based special move where you move the analog stick according to the prompts on screen.

Mariachi Undead’s interesting fusion of gameplay elements doesn’t quite gell at the moment, but shows a lot of promise. The main issues are that the level layout is pretty repetitive and the Xbox controller’s analog stick isn’t really suited to the precision required for binary rhythm sequences (though you will also be able to use a guitar controller too). It has some great ideas though and with a little more work it could be a lot of fun. A musical side-scrolling shooter that gives a whole new meaning to the term “duelling banjos”.

Download the Mariachi Undead Alpha Demo Here (Steam)