Marrow – Beta Sign Up


Marrow is a very creepy looking 2D action adventure in which you leap, crawl and slash your way through a labyrinthine cave system within the bowels of a mountain, as you attempt to find your missing friends who cry out for help.

Marrow conveys it’s unique story through the game world and gameplay, with no exposition, no dialogue and no cutscenes.  A little like Dark Souls, the world has been uniquely designed to convey it’s story without imposing the narrative on the player – it’s up to you to observe and interpret to discover, what’s really going on in its dark and dangerous world.

In Marrow you explore a mysterious hand crafted subterranean cavern system, battling ghosts, monsters and lots of deadly bosses.  It features open world game design with very little guidance, which encourages exploration and experimentation. You can defeat the end boss by just mainlining it – but it’s highly recommended to explore and collect all the glistening medallions that are hidden around the world, which illuminate the way ahead and unlock the games true ending.

The current build of Marrow is almost finished (minus the soundtrack) and the dev is very keen to get some feedback before release on Steam.  Testers will have 10 days to complete the game, and if you complete the game and give useful feedback during that time you’ll get your name in the credits and receive a Steam key for the full game upon release.  The dev is keen to test both game modes (though Survival mode may be too hard to complete), and you’ll be given a code when you reach the games real ending to prove you’ve beaten it (be the first to post it and you might get a special shout out!).

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