Mars Underground – Alpha Demo

Mars Underground

Mars Underground is an intriguing narrative based, non-combative adventure in which you play a young boy who relives the same day over and over again, and every night the world comes to an end.

The charming pixel art visuals of Mars Underground may make it look like an old school RPG adventure, but in reality it’s more of a narrative based adventure, with no combat and a focus on choices, exploration and puzzles. Much like Groundhog Day, you wake up in bed and the choices you make throughout the day affect how the story plays out, but no matter what, at the end of every day the world comes to an end. To make things worse the day you are repeating is your first day at a new school and your character clearly has some problems fitting in, as well as few anger issues (a fact highlighted by the psychiatrist you see after school.)

Mars Underground is still early in development, but it’s very polished and offers a very cleverly devised gameplay experience where your choices really do matter, with every different choice you make helping you to learn more about Mars’s life and helping you unravel more of the story. A well crafted and mystery-filled day you won’t get tired of repeating.

Download or Play Mars Underground Here (Windows & Browser)