Marshmellow Day Spa – Game Jam Build

Marshmellow Day Spa is a fun little puzzle platformer which sees you gathering ingredients and creating the perfect hot cocoa baths for the marshmallows that visit your spa.

In Marshmellow Day Spa you control a cute little marshmallow who is tasked with preparing the perfect hot cocoa spas for your squidgy marshmallow patrons. Creating the perfect spa bath has five steps which you have to follow out in the correct order, using the correct ingredients. First you have to pour the bath and get the right temperature, then you have to add the correct type of chocolate, then add the correct type of milk, then add an optional topping and finally ring the bell to signal that it’s ready.

Preparing the perfect spa isn’t easy. Your guests all have their own specific requests (heat, chocolate type, etc.) all of which are written down on the notes at the bottom of the screen, with their orders matching the colors of their robes. Also, some ingredients are hard to reach, requiring a little exploration and platforming to grab them.

It takes a few goes to get your head around how everything works, but a fun little game with addictive gameplay and an incredibly charming premise. The only bummer is that there are no ways to extend your time by doing well, so realistically the most marshmallows you’ll ever be able to serve are 4 or 5. It’s a shame, as more marshmallows deserve your VIP cocoa spa treatment!

Note: You can only use an ingredient if it’s next on the list. If you pick up the wrong ingredient then you can dump it in the garbage.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download Marshmellow Day Spa Here (Windows)