Martial Arts Brutality – Beta Download

Martial Arts Brutality is a fun martial arts based tactical card fighter with reflex testing bone crunching combat that requires you to trace trajectories of attacks to perform them.

In Martial Arts Brutality you control an up and coming martial artist who learns combat techniques and faces off against others in combat, with an aim of perfecting the legendary Dim Mak Death Touch and becoming the Dragon Grand Master. As in most competitive card games you have a deck of cards that you use in battle, with the ability to unlock more during play. These cards contain specific combat moves that you can perform during battle, each with doing varying amounts of damage and connecting with different parts of your opponent’s body.

Playable in a single player campaign or in online asynchronous play, the combat is turn based but your actions take place in real time. When it’s your turn to attack you select from a selection of attack cards then trace the shape of the attack with the mouse to perform an attack. Attacks can then be blocked and countered in a Defend mode that sees you trying to swipe at sections of the attackers hands and feet. It’ll test your reflexes, but there’s also a nice amount of strategy to the combat, with you able to use buffs and concentrate attacks on certain parts of your opponents body for maximum damage.

There are constant reminders about things you can buy with microtransactions which does tend to grate a little, but it’s an addictive game once you get into it, with a great visual style, brutal combat and fun trace-to-punch fighting mechanics. A fun fusion of collectible card gaming and fast paced martial arts combat.

Download The Martial Arts Brutality Beta Here (Steam)