Mary Woke Up Today – Game Jam Build Download

Mary Woke Up Today

Mary Woke Up Today is a short and surreal point and click adventure that explores concepts of dreams, realities and fears as you attempt to wake up from an endless loop of dreams.

Playing like a blend of a visual novel and a point and click adventure, in Mary Woke Up Today you are attempting to wake up from a series of dreams (like in a movie when a character wakes up but then realises they’re still dreaming). Each time you wake up, you notice indicators that you’re still in a dreamworld, and will even hold conversations with others you meet that explore the concept of reality and makes some strong philosophical points.

Throughout it’s short playtime Mary Woke Up Today impresses with it’s beautiful hand drawn visuals, and it’s interesting look at the concept of reality. Mary woke up, but is she really awake? Are any of us?

Download Mary Woke Up Today Here (Win, Mac & Linux)