Masochisia – Alpha Download


Masochisia is an incredibly dark point and click adventure horror in which you play a clinically insane boy that has “Extensive psychological abnormalities with a genetic predisposition to sadomasochistic tendencies.”

This is a VERY dark game that takes you to places that most (sane) games would never dream of going – within the first five minutes you’ll speak to a voice in your head, receive a savage beating from your (also fairly insane) father and suffer a psychotic break.  You are clearly absolutely crazy, but it’s easy to see why, you’ve not had the most nurturing upbringing from your mentally disturbed family – in fact it’s a surprise you don’t have a few more screws loose!

Even though Masochisia is still early in development, the artwork is as superb, offering beautiful hand drawn characters and backdrops unlike anything you’ve seen in a point and click adventure before.  The disturbingly dark storyline can make for some pretty uncomfortable moments, but Masochisia is a riveting and unique experience that you’ll never forget, even if you want to (but maybe the pills will help!)

If You’re Brave Enough, Download The Masochisia Alpha HERE (Win & Mac)