Mask of Mists – Alpha Demo

Mask of Mists is a beautiful and easily accessible first person action adventure where you explore, fight monsters and solve puzzles in a vibrant fantasy world that’s been exposed to dangerous levels of magic.

In Mask of Mists you take on the role of a mercenary who has been tasked with tracking down a missing Archmage who was doing research in the depths of the “Infected Territory”. This area of the world was exposed to massive amounts of magic, causing it to be overrun with creatures of the abyss – you ‘ll need to fight your way through them, search for useful items and solve cleverly crafted puzzles to make your way through Infected Territory and find the missing Archmage.

Mask of Mists features one of the brightest, most colorful and most cheerful looking fantasy worlds you’ll come across. It’s full of lush greenery and vivid colors, and even the enemies you fight look pretty adorable. Gameplay-wise it’s not too challenging (especially with regards to the combat and there’s some clever puzzle design throughout.

There’s a certain joy to exploring the beautiful, colorful and magical world of Mask of Mists. Don’t expect a Skyrim level of depth to the gameplay, but if you’re looking for a fun, fast paced and easily accessible action adventure in a vibrant fantasy world then it’s certainly worth checking out.

Download The Mask of Mists Alpha Demo Here (Windows)