Masterplan Tycoon – Beta Demo

Masterplan Tycoon is a resource management game which uses a clever minimalist flow diagram style as you chain together production processes to create a gigantic logistics system.

In Masterplan Tycoon you don’t need to worry about timers or fail-states, you just need to worry about managing the flow of resources. You gather resources by placing buildings next to them (well next to water, quarry next to a mountain, etc.), then you can build and connect more proceeding nodes to process them into more complex resources. As you progress your logistical network grows and you can also complete smaller challenges along the way.

It’s a clever and elegant concept that is easy to pick up and play, whilst allowing for plenty of complexity as your logistics network spreads across the map. It feels a little like Doodle God in flow diagram form and it’s very addictive!

Download The Masterplan Tycoon Beta Demo Here (Steam)