Mastery – Alpha Demo

Mastery is a stylish 2D action platforming adventure that sees you mastering five Chi elements as you venture through a fantasy world inspired by Taoism and the customs of Ancient China.

In Mastery you take control of Yan Ching as he sets out to master five Chi elements on a pilgrimage through the mountains. This pilgrimage will see you solving puzzles, overcoming obstacles and battling hostile wildlife and powerful bosses. The different Chi that you master give you access to different attacks that are based on different elements (fire, water, wind, etc.). You can switch between these elements at will and use them to your advantage (water beats water, etc.).

It’s a fun game but at the moment there does seem to be an issue with the fluidity of your character’s movement, particularly when attacking – the animation looks beautiful but makes the attacks very rigid and slow. Hopefully this gets sorted out in future builds though as the artwork is excellent and the lore of the game world is very intriguing.

Download The Mastery Alpha Demo Here (Windows & Mac)