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Math Race

Math Race is a fast paced, ego-bruising futuristic racing game in which you must solve simple mathematical problems whilst weaving between obstacles.

In Math Race, you simply have to drive along a track, switching lanes to select the correct answer for the simple addition problems.  The mathematical problems in Math Race are pretty easy (it was created for the devs six year old son), but unless you’re particularly good with numbers, you WILL end up getting something as simple as 6 + 7 wrong.  This is thanks to the fact that the game speeds up every time you get a question right, as well as obstacles that get in the way too.  But no matter what the excuse, you’ll be kicking yourself when you get one wrong.

It’s a wonderful little game that really does make learning (or brain training) fun.  Just make sure no-ones watching while you’re playing or you’ll never hear the end of it when you fail to answer a sum that a six year old could do!

Download or Play Math Race HERE (Windows & Browser)