Mating Season – Game Jam Build Download

Mating Season, an adorable matchmaker game made for the Agility – a Game Jam Performance, sees you playing Cupid for a variety of weird and wonderful animals, then watching as they create some even weirder offspring!

Lots of bizarre animals can be seen wandering around in the huge land of Mating Season. Some are animals that you may recognize; foxes or bears. Others are creatures indigenous to this magical world; walking leaves or dragons with antlers. All of these different animals are looking for love though. Some have a specific creature in mind, while others will connect with whoever you bring them too.

You can connect animals that have found their match by following your heart on the screen, tracking the animal and clicking on it, before following your heart once more to their love. Hopefully they will both then mate and create a little egg! These eggs take a few seconds to hatch, revealing a hybrid of the two animals! If the animals were of different species, you might be able to see what traits they got from each parent. The new creatures you help make grow up fast and start looking for their own love soon. Don’t worry though, there is plenty of land to explore and others to bump into.

It’s a joy roaming the bright and colorful land of Mating Season, discovering all manner of strange creates and helping them to create some outlandish hybrids. Almost like you’re Dr Moreau, but instead of experimenting on the animals, you’re helping them get lucky!

Download Mating Season Here (Windows, Mac, & Android)