Max Capacitor – Game Jam Build Download

max capacitor

Max Capacitor, a challenging puzzle game made for the Train Jam, has you manoeuvring cylinders and connecting them across surprisingly deviously designed puzzles.

Max Capacitor will tell you that it is easy, but don’t let the pretty words and funky music distract you. This puzzler gets very challenging, very fast. In each level, you must move cylinders full of light to buttons to open a door. This may sound easy – and it is at first, but soon some of the cylinders go dark, unable to activate buttons.

After a few levels, some cylinders you find in the game will be dark. This means that they cannot activate buttons unless you light them up again. There are two ways to light them up – putting them directly in front of lasers, or connecting them to cylinders that are already lit. Once the lit ones connect, you cannot move them apart. They are stuck together in whatever form you pushed them together in. But if you do make a mistake, you can easily undo any number of steps you want at the press of a button, allowing you to pick up from right before the mistake.

Max Capacitor will challenge you, will sass you when you log back in – calling you a quitter but welcoming you back. Just remember what it said in the beginning – it does think you might have a chance of solving it all.  Are you up for the challenge in this fiendish little puzzler?

Download Max Capacitor Here (Win, Mac & Linux)