Max Greene – Prototype Download

max greene

Max Greene is a wonderfully animated and cleverly written point and click adventure set in the 23rd century, about a guy called Max, his cat Joey and how a coffee mug can change the world.

The beautiful cityscape of the 23rd century is brought to life with a great pixel art graphical style inspired by Flashback and Another World.  The world looks a little like The Fith Element, with flying cars and coffee vendors that drop by your house.   You play Max Greene, an engineer working at one of the world’s largest corporations Sisma Corp, who is about to have a very bad day (the game starts with you plummeting to your doom).

We’d like to see more intricate puzzles than are in this short prototype, but the visual design and witty dialogue are superb.  Thankfully Max Greene is now being built into a full game, so we’ll be able to play more of this impressive winner of the #PointandClickJam.

Download Max Greene HERE